Goal Setting & Leadership

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Learning to play cricket is more than just improving your batting, bowling and fielding.  At UTAS Cricket we try to develop players in four ways including: Fitness, Knowledge, Skill, and Attitude.  By doing this we develop players who can more readily handle themself in any situation.

Goal Setting is an important part of any player's development as we all need to know where we are heading and also know when we have got there.  Please download some ideas that will help you to create SMART Goals and also explain why feedback is an important part of the process.

Leadership is something that we must all embrace as we all need to be active when training and playing.  We need to create a culture in which all players are happy to put their ideas forward.  Please download some ideas about Leadership that will help you to work out what kind of leader you like and what elements of leadership are important to you.

There will be further modules, but if anyone has any requests or suggestions please do not hesitate to contact the President or Club Coach.