Honorary Life Members


Simon Allen

Bill Bale

Josh Bean

Tim Burbury

Jim Braithwaite

Malcolm Brown

Ray Brown

Paul Cossum

Bob Cotgrove

Graeme Cunningham

Stan Davis

Enrico Di Venuto

Graeme Farrell

Bill Friend

Michael Graham-Smith

Ben Hilfenhaus

Dene Hills

Michael Hortle

Richard Jackett

Phil Jones

Gordon Kerr

James Kingston

Rhett Lockyear

Murray Macdonald

Josh Marquet

Katie McNamara

Paul McNamara

Roger Page

John Paine

Tim Paine

Peter Robinson

Royce Smith

Ted Stokes

Michael Street

Luke Stewart

Brad Thomas

Michael Unicomb

Gilbert van der Steege

Ian Woodgate




  1. (a)  Any nomination for Honorary Life Membership must be made in writing and forwarded to the President.

  2. (b)  On the recommendation of a sub-committee, made up of two life members and two members of the executive, any committee meeting, Annual General Meeting or Special General Meeting may elect Honorary Life Members for services rendered to the Club.

  3. (c)  The prerequisites for honorary life membership, as outlined in the Appendix to this constitution, are not intended to be absolute and the sub-committee may recommend Honorary Life Membership for nominees with less than the specified prerequisites who have given exceptional service to the Club.

  4. (d)  The presentation of the Honorary Life Membership shall be made at the following Presentation Dinner/End-of-Season Dinner.

  5. (e)  The number of Honorary Life Memberships awarded is suggested to be limited to a maximum of two per year.



(a)  10 years outstanding service to the club as a player;

(b)  10 years outstanding service to the club as a committee member or volunteer;

(c)  15 years combined service as an outstanding player and outstanding committee member or volunteer.