Scoring goes to the next level
Date of Event University of Tasmania Cricket Club: Sun Aug 25, 2019 1:11PM

How many times after starting your stint of scoring did you find that you were in conflict with the opposition scorer? Either the difference in the number of runs scored by the batsman or the number of Byes did not tally. Wrong players who took wickets and incorrect players who were given catches varied.


All the pencils had broken ends and the last scorer took the erasers, highlighters and calculators with them or had not continued to use a running sheet.


After many years of being stuck in the dark ages of manual scoring, the club has moved to embrace technology and have all Premier Cricket matches scored electronically by trained scorers.  To ensure the successful implementation of our electronic scoring systems, the club will deliver a scoring program run by club scorers Nigel Wilson and Kim Hutchinson. 

The goals of our scoring team this season are:

  • to deliver professional and accurate score sheets [Printed] at the end of the days/match to Officiating Umpires and then Cricket Tasmania.

  • Up-Skill our Volunteers, Parents and anyone keen to score to increase the number of members of the club who can score electronically using Total Cricket Scorer (TCS)

  • This would provide backup to both Nigel and Kim in case of Sickness or Unavailability.

  • Provide TCS training and support with training beginning in early October prior to the start of the season for all grades.

  • To be a leading club that embraces technology and sets the standard of cricket scoring across all grades


To support this initiative, the UTAS Cricket Club will:

  • invest in new scoring equipment for all grades

  • provide honorarium payments to all scorers for all Premier cricket sides


The use of Technology to score every UTAS Cricket Match will during the 2019-2020 cricket season allow players and coaches who have taken on the task in previous years more freedom to concentrate on playing for, and coaching their respective cricket teams.


So please if you are a mum, dad, grandparent or just a UTAS Cricket Club supporter, and you are interested in the simple art of learning to score electronically, please contact us to book your seat at the training meeting in early October.


Contact Kim Hutchinson ( or 0449 061 920) to express your interest today.


Last updated: Sunday August 25, 2019 1:36PM